Tinsmithing Workshops

 Preserving skills, teaching and encouraging all to

try a new skill and create is the 

driving force behind the ethics & mission of The Metal Market Place.

Not so long  ago we used tinware in our daily chores, from metal buckets to milk pails, jugs, candle holders, lanterns , cookie cutter, trays, plates & cups,
buckets, wash tubs , baths and water tanks..to name just a few!
We want to remind people of a time when household items where made locally and by hand or hand driven machines. 
When things were made to last , were treated with respect and were used for many decades.


Our workshops are about reviving the 

lost skills and products of the tinsmithing trade.

Using tools and techniques of 19th century tinsmiths our workshops are hands on learning the use of basic tinsmith tools, how to successfully operate hand- cranked tinsmith’s machines and soldering to fabricate a household items that are beautiful and practical.


Pete really enjoys the art of sheetmetal fabrication, and especially the old skills of tinsmithing.
Actually he is obsessively passionate about it and its his mission to teach, encourage and revive this declining skill/trade of tinsmithing.
We also believe in learning to weld. 
It isn’t a lost skill but in the times we are living , we feel that to have the skills and knowledge to weld will come in very  
handy in making and repairing items around  the home , garden & farm.
We have noticed that many buy a welder and then have all sorts of trouble with the welder, shield or just the act of making a good weld run.
We have limited workshops scheduled , but we are happy to book a workshop for 3 at a mutually agreed upon date.
So please drop Pete a line or phone 0419 539 162 to have a chat about booking  your  Introduction to Welding workshop today. 

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'Hello to all you fellow creators, I am happy to share these thoughts to anyone who is or has thought about learning a new skill.... you are never to old to learn new things. Do it, take the very next course with the team @ Metal Market Place. Well worth every second spent in the awesome company of Pete who is very Helpful, Patient, Extremely Knowledgeable and very Generous with that knowledge and loads of advice and confidence boosting I thoroughly enjoyed myself.'
Cheryl (56)